Symposium Venue

The symposium is held at the Biwako-Kusatsu Campus (BKC) of the Ritsumeikan University in Kusatsu, Japan. It is located south-east of Japan’s largest lake, Biwako, and can be reached in less than one hour from Kyoto by a train and a bus. Hotels can be found around the JR Minami-Kusatsu Station and the JR Kusatsu Station. Sorry but the ISCS cannot provide discount for hotels.

Access map to the venue
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The venue is Kusatsu in Shiga Prefecture. Please do not get confused with Kusatsu(-onsen) in Gunma Prefecture.

Local Bus from the JR Minami-Kusatsu Station

It is convenient to use the local bus to go to the symposium venue. Below is a map of the bus stops in front of the east exit of the JR Minami-Kusatsu station. The bus for the symposium venue leaves the stops 3 and 4. The time table in the morning of March 9 is also shown below. Please take the bus showing "立命館大学 (Ritsumeikan University)" and get off at the stop "立命館大学 (Ritsumeikan University)." (Names of the stops are informed on the monitor inside the bus.) Note that the bus from the stop 3 stops at "立命館大学正門前 (Ritsumeikan University seimon-mae)," which is NOT your stop (but its next one). Extra bus service is given from 8:00 to 9:30 every day during the symposium. Please follow the instruction of a clerk of the bus company.

Bus departure time in the morning of March 9
Stop 3: 9:02, 9:40, 10:04, 10:18, 10:37
Stop 4: 9:02, 9:20, 9:40, 10:37

Bus Stops

Campus map

Campus map

Lunch information
Link Cafeteria: Open at lunchtime on Saturday, March 11
Union Cafeteria: 11:40 - 14:00, Closed on Saturday, March 11
Union Shop: 10:00 - 17:00, Closed on Saturday, March 11
Food truck: Open at except on Saturday, March 11

Only Link Cafeteria will be open on Saturday, March 11.

Floor plan

Floor plan

Rooms 2-8 will be used for sessions at the MSCS 2023. * The linked page is written in Japanese.