Full Symposium Program

Information for presenters
To each presentation, a time slot of 20 minute is assigned, which is for 15-minute presentation and 5-minute discussion as a standard.
No PC is prepared at the presentation room. A projector at the presentation room has VGA (15-pin D-sub) and HDMI connectors. Please bring for yourself a PC and a required adaptor. It is recommended to test connection before the session.

Program at a Glance

MSCS 2023 Technical Program (in Japanese)

Thursday, March 9, 2023

1M1 - Vehicle Control
Room 1, P111
Chair: Ibuki, Tatsuya, Meiji University

10:30-10:50, 1M1-1
Image-Based Visual-Servoing for Air-To-Air Drone Tracking & Following with Model Predictive Control
Chan, Wee Kiat, National University of Singapore
Srigrarom, Sutthiphong, National University of Singapore

10:50-11:10, 1M1-2
Influences of Parameter Uncertainties for UFSC Based Flight Trajectory Generation of a Biplane Model
Hirahara, Fumiaki, Nagoya University
Uchida, Kandai, Nagoya University
Hara, Susumu, Nagoya University

11:10-11:30, 1M1-3
Vehicle Pitch Angle Estimation by a Triaxial Accelerometer with a Wheel Speed Sensor and an Altimeter
Wada, Toshihiro, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Kobayashi, Shoichi, Mi
Takamoto, Shusaku, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Nishikawa, Ayumi, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Sumiyoshi, Yuki, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Tsujita, Wataru, Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories

11:30-11:50, 1M1-4
Investigating Influences of Traffic Signals Concerning Road Terrain at the Intersection for Facilitating Eco- Driving
Akita, Tsubasa, Gunma University
Bakibillah, A S M, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Hashikura, Kotaro, Gunma University
Kamal, Md Abdus Samad, Gunma University
Yamada, Kou, Gunma Univ

11:50-12:10, 1M1-5
Vehicle Dynamics Trajectory Planning: Minimum Violation Planning Modifications Reducing Computational Time
Vosahlik, David, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University In
Turnovec, Petr, Czech Technical University in Prague; Garrett Motion
Bohac, Marek, Czech Technical University in Prague
Pekar, Jaroslav, Garrett Advancing Motion
Hanis, Tomas, Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrotechnica

1A1 - New Applications of Control
Room 1, P111
Chair: Hori, Yutaka, Keio University

13:30-13:50, 1A1-1
System Level Modeling and Closed Loop Control for a Droplet-Based Micro-Actuator
Kopp, Alexander, University of Augsburg
Conrad, Peter, Ruhr-Universit├Ąt Bochum Microsystems Technology
Hoffmann, Martin, Ruhr-Universit├Ąt Bochum
Ament, Christoph, Universitaet Augsburg

13:50-14:10, 1A1-2
Control of a Smart Active Flexible Needle for Therapeutic Procedures
hans, surender, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Poornima U
Goyal, Jitendra Kumar, Bansal, PayalAssistant Professor, School of Electrical Engineering, Vellore I
Sachan, Ankit, Hiroshima University
Soni, Sandeep Kumar, INSA Centre Val De Loire Campus De Bourges
Djemai, Mohamed, INSA Hauts-De-France
Bansal, Payal, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Poornim

14:10-14:30, 1A1-3
Shoe-Type Device to Estimate Body Balance Focusing on the Relationship between CoM and BoS Estimated from CoP
Ishii, Yuta, Aoyama Gakuin University
Date, Kazuki, Aoyama Gakuin University
Itami, Taku, Aoyamagakuin University
Yoneyama, Jun, Aoyama Gakuin University

14:30-14:50, 1A1-4
Nearest Neighbor Search-Based Modification of RRI Data with Premature Atrial Contraction and Premature Ventricular Contraction
Chen, Sifeng, Kyoto University
Kato, Shota, Kyoto University
Fujiwara, Koichi, Nagoya University
Kano, Manabu, Kyoto University

14:50-15:10, 1A1-5
Structural Modeling and Intervention of Gene Regulatory Networks for Ultra-Early Disease Prevention
Naga, Ryou, Keio University
Inoue, Masaki, Keio University

Friday, March 10, 2023

ISCS Plenary Lecture
Prism Hall

Distributed Coordination in Multi-agent Systems: Algorithms and Applications
Ren, Wei, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California, Riverside, USA

2M1 - Computational Methods in Control
Room 1, P111
Chair: Hashimoto, Kazumune, Osaka University

10:40-11:00, 2M1-1
Relation between Disturbance Observer and Model Error Compensator
Shikada, Kana, Kyushu Institute of Technology
Sebe, Noboru, Kyushu Institute of Technology

11:00-11:20, 2M1-2
A Robust Formation Control Based on Piecewise Lyapunov Functions for Multi-Agent Systems with Unknown Parameters
Nakagawa, Takuya, Graduate School of Integrative Science and Engineering, Tokyo Ci
Hayakawa, Satoshi, Graduate School of Integrative Science and Engineering, Tokyo Ci
Nagai, Shunya, The University of Tokushima
Hoshi, Yoshikatsu, Tokyo City University
OYA, Hidetoshi, Tokyo City University

11:20-11:40, 2M1-3
Distributed Parameter Estimation with Gaussian Observation Noises in Time-Varying Digraphs
Yan, Jiaqi, Nanyang Technological University
Ishii, Hideaki, Tokyo Institute of Technology

11:40-12:00, 2M1-4
Neural Continuous-Time Markov Models
Reeves, Majerle, University of California, Merced
Bhat, Harish Subrahmanya, University of California, Merced

12:00-12:20, 2M1-5
A Scenario Approach to Optimization with an Average Constraint
Fujisaki, Yasumasa, Osaka Univ
Hatanaka, Takeshi, Tokyo Institute of Technology

2A1 - Control of Robots and Mechanical Systems
Room 1, P111
Chair: Date, Hisashi, University of Tsukuba

13:40-14:00, 2A1-1
Force Control of a 1-DoF Cable Robot Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Hamann, Marcus, Augsburg University
Brandl, Julius, University of Augsburg
Ament, Christoph, Universitaet Augsburg

14:00-14:20, 2A1-2
Mixed Compositional Pattern-Producing Network-NeuroEvolution of Augmenting Topologies Method for the Locomotion Control of a Snake-Like Modular Robot
Song, Yu-Lun, Allen, Industrial Technology Research Institute
Chiu, Wei-Yu, National Tsing Hua University
Manoharan, Shri Harish, National Tsing Hua University

14:20-14:40, 2A1-3
Online Robot Manipulator's Grasping Points Detection for Arbitrarily Placing Objects
Hwang, Kao-Shing, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Kaohsiung
Lin, Jin-Ling, Shih Hsin University

14:40-15:00, 2A1-4
Novel Auto-Tuning PD-Fuzzy Control of Current Harmonics to Reduce Losses in Motor Drive Systems Excited by SiC-MOSFET Inverter
NGUYEN, Gia Minh Thao, Toyota Technological Institute
Do, Ton, Nazarbayev University
Ngo, Duc-Kien, The University of Danang - University of Technology Education
Fujisaki, Keisuke, Toyota Technological Institute

15:00-15:20, 2A1-5
Design and Control of a 3D Printing Large Range XY Nanoprecision Stage
Shen, Jing-chung, National Formosa University

Saturday, March 11, 2023

3M1 - Control for Energy Saving
Room 1, P111
Chair: Sadamoto, Tomonori, The University of Electro-Communications

09:30-09:50, 3M1-1
Distributed Traffic Signal Control with Fairness Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Shirasaka, Shogo, Tokyo University of Science
Kodama, Naoki, University of Meiji
Harada, Taku, Tokyo University of Science

09:50-10:10, 3M1-2
Robust H∞ Guaranteed Cost Controller Design for Islanded Microgrids: An LMI Approach
Lee, Byeonghwa, School of Electronic Engineering, Kumoh National Institute of Te
Kim, Juwon, School of Electronic Engineering, Kumoh National Institute of Te
Ban, Jaepil, Kumoh National Institute of Technology

10:10-10:30, 3M1-3
Battery-Assisted Load Frequency Control Considering Rate-Of-Change Constraints
Motoki, Tatsuya, Tokyo Metropolitan University
Kojima, Akira, Tokyo Metropolitan University

10:30-10:50, 3M1-4
Sparse Feedback Control Realization Using a Dynamic Linear Compensator
Zhang, Zhicheng, Osaka University
Fujisaki, Yasumasa, Osaka Univ

10:50-11:10, 3M1-5
Generation of a Sparse Input with a Receding-Horizon Technique: Optimality in the Infinite Horizon
Oishi, Yasuaki, Nanzan University
Iwata, Takumi, Nagoya University
Nagahara, Masaaki, The University of Kitakyushu

Kimura Award Commemorative Lecture
Prism Hall

Control Theory for Generalized Coordination of Multi-robot Systems
Sakurama, Kazunori, Kyoto University